Professor Stephanie Creary in conversation with three alumni panelists - one african-american woman, one african-american man and one Caucasian man

Leading Diversity@Wharton

Providing insights regarding leading diversity in organizations

Sharing Insight on Navigating Diverse Organizational Settings

People in the workplace are constantly interacting with peers, managers, and customers with very different backgrounds and experiences. When harnessed effectively, these differences can be the catalyst for creative breakthroughs and the pathway to team and organizational learning and effectiveness; but when misunderstood, these differences can challenge employees’ values, performance, workplace relationships, and team effectiveness.
This series, an extension of Professor Stephanie Creary’s  Leading Diversity in Organizations course,   is designed to help students navigate diverse settings more effectively and improve their ability to work within and lead diverse teams and global organizations.

Past Lectures

Fostering Belonging At Work

Fostering Belonging at Work: Insights from the Experts

March 2019. 

Professor Creary discusses the complexities and opportunities of workplace inclusion with a panel of diversity experts. Panelists included: Rebekah Bastian, VP of Culture and Community, Zillow; Samuel Lalanne, Senior VP of Global Diversity and Talent Management, Citi; and Eric Solomon, Chief Marketing Officer in Residence, Blackbird Global.

Read Professor Creary’s LinkedIn article on the importance of keeping the diversity conversation emotional. Watch the lecture on the Wharton YouTube page.

December Leading Diversity at Wharton Event

Building Inclusive Workplaces in an Era of Discord: Insights from Diversity Leaders

December 2018.

Professor Creary welcomed a panel of experts to discuss the policies and practices that diversity experts have developed to help leaders and employees navigate  the opportunities, challenges, and complexities of diversity, inclusion, and leadership at work. Panelists included: Wendy Freeman Carr, W’92, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting; Oris Stuart, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Office, The National Basketball Association (NBA); and Martin L. Schmelkin, JD, Labor and Employment Partner, Jones Day.

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close up photo of professor Stephanie Creary, wearing a blue blazer and a black top

Stories from Wharton Alumni

November 2018.

Professor Stephanie Creary hosted a Wharton alumni panel, discussion how their experiences with diversity and inclusion shaped their careers. Panelists included: Deserrie Perez, WG’10, Head of North America Marketing, LinkedIn; Darren Kimball, W’91, Principal and CEO, GetFive; and Carl Rosen, WG’77, Principal, Shelter Rock International.