How to Write a Newsworthy Press Release [Template]

Need to write a press release for your event but not sure where to begin? Use the template below to help with formattingĀ and to make sure you include all the important components that make a press release newsworthy and effective.

[Contact information]

[Name of student issuing press release]

[Name of organization]

[Phone number]

[Email address]

[Website URL]

[Headline] The headline should be both attention-grabbing and informative.

[Date and address of event], [First paragraph] The first paragraph should be comprised of two or three sentences that state the purpose of your event in a way that would be interesting to a general audience. These sentences should be punchy and easily readable.

[Second paragraph] This paragraph should describe in greater detail the goal, mission, or purpose of your event and provide background information. How is this event relevant to the reader? Why is this event taking place now?

[Third paragraph] This paragraph should discuss the most prominent speakers, seminars, workshops, etc., that will take place at your event. Consider formatting this paragraph as a bulleted list. Use terminology that a general audience would be able to understand.

[Final paragraph] This paragraph should describe the history of your organization and event. How long has your organization or event been running? What have they accomplished in the past? What do they hope to accomplish in the future?