Successful Applications of Analytics

How Analytics Drives Disruption

May 15 – 16, 2019

Inn at Penn

Philadelphia, PA

Thank You!

The 9th-Annual Successful Applications of Analytics conference was such a wonderful celebration of how data analytics is driving disruption and augmenting business strategy and decision making as we know it. Thank you to all of our attendees for your interest and support and the utmost gratitude to our speakers for sharing your insights and experiences!

Be sure to browse through photos, videos, and more to absorb this amazing event. If you haven’t done so already, please take a few moments to complete the feedback survey below.

See you next year for the 10th anniversary of Successful Applications of Analytics!

“Fabulous conference and really got value from all the speakers especially liked hearing from the students and the Accelerator projects. Well done!”

“Excellent conference. Frankly, there are not many others with a focus on the intersection of business analysis and data science, so WCAI has a great opportunity with this conference.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It got my creative juices working on how the information learned can positively impact my organization and ultimately my community.”

“Really enjoyed Charles’s talk on his career development and how to develop analyst teams. As an analytics exec, I found it very relevant and insightful.”

2019 Conference Highlights

Session Talks

We’re excited to share session talks as part of our inaugural WCA Talk Wednesdays season. Check back every Wednesday from now through July and hear how our speakers are transforming business with data analytics through WCA student projects, with Research Opportunities, or within their own organizations.

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Innovation Evidence in the Changing Healthcare Landscape

Penn Students Contribute to the NFL Data Revolution

Dynamic Contextual Game Recommendations

From the Back Office to Data Company CEO

In the News

General Motors’ A. Charles Thomas: Lessons Learned from a CDAO’s Journey from the Back Office to the C-Suite

Can Wearables Convince Patients to Be More Proactive?

Marketing Expert Anna Nicanorova WG11 on Data Tech and Mountain Treks

How Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation Is Leveraging Analytics

2019 Photos