March 17, 2024

Welcome to the annual Wharton Catering Trade show!  Join us virtually to re-engage with the catering community and each other for this fun, informative event. Hear directly from our favorite caterers on the changes they have implemented in the past 10 months, and innovative ways they are helping their clients celebrate each other and the holidays in a safe environment. There will be a networking session to help facilitate conversations. And of course, we will be giving away fun door prizes throughout the event

Join the program on the “Sessions” tab. The first session includes welcome remarks from the Wharton Events team, caterer presentations and door prizes.

After our caterer presentations, join the second session for our interactive Virtual Trade Show.

View the digital program book

View and download the book below, or click the link above for a full screen version.


What is the Events Portal?

The Events Portal is a Salesforce-based platform created by the Marketing and Communications team, allowing users to build conferencing sites and hubs for complex events.  This is a platform where your conference or complex event is HOSTED, live or pre-recorded.

 This tool serves as a hub for hosting complex events, conferences, or multi-session virtual events that need additional technology support or organization that a standard conference website is unable to provide.

What is the Wharton Catering Trade Show?

The Wharton Catering Trade Show is an annual event beloved by staff and catering representatives alike. Since we were unable to host our talented caterer’s on campus this year, we wanted to give them an opportunity to reconnect with our community and demonstrate how they have adapted their business to the current environment.

What is the format for the Trade Show?

The Wharton Catering Trade Show features two key sessions: the Catering Presentations and Virtual Trade Show.

  • Our first session, the Catering Presentations, starts with welcome remarks from the Wharton Events team, followed by short presentations from each catering company. The presentations are each 5 minutes in length, and are a mixture of pre-recorded videos and live, interactive presentations. Following each catering presentation, the Wharton Events team will offer up a door prize, through a series of fun and engaging trivia challenges! This session will be hosted through BlueJeans.
  • The second session, the Virtual Trade Show, is an interactive networking opportunity. Each caterer will have an assigned Zoom Breakout Room. Participants will have the option to hop around from room to room, chatting with the caterers and fellow room attendees. This session simulates the in-person tradeshow experience (though minus the tasty samples). This session will be hosted on Zoom.

How do i access the Sessions?

Click on the “Sessions” tab, then click on the headline of the session you’d like to join. You will then see a landing page which will include a link to join the live sessions.

What are the door prizes? How do I become eligible to receive a door prize?

Each catering company graciously donated a door prize for our Trade Show. View the “Door Prize” tab to view each offering. Prizes will be offered throughout the each session — stay tuned for the duration of the Trade Show program for an opportunity to win these amazing prizes!

How can I get in touch with a catering representative?

Contact information for each catering company and their representatives are listed in the “Speakers” tab. You will also find their contact details on the Virtual Trade Show Program booklet.

How can I network with other participants?

There are several ways to interact with both your fellow participants and the catering representatives throughout the program:

  • For the Catering Presentation session there will be an interactive chat available through the video conferencing platform. Representatives from each catering company will be available via chat to answer questions.
  • During the Virtual Trade Show session, participants will self-select their Zoom breakout rooms, visiting with different caterers. You are welcome to interact with your fellow room attendees and the catering representatives.
  • Participants can also reach out to and connect directly with fellow attendees. Contact information can be found on the “Attendees” tab.

Will the sessions be available after the program concludes?

The Catering Presentation session will be recorded and posted for additional viewing at the conclusion of the program. The Virtual Trade Show session is an interactive program that is not conducive for recorded or replaying.

Where can I view the individual catering presentations?

We will make each caterer’s presentation available for on-demand viewing at the conclusion of the event.

How long will I have access to the presentations?

The entire event will be achieved through the Events Portal under the “Past Events” tab and available for additional viewing for up to one (1) month after the event concludes.

Questions? Contact Wharton Events