Finding a High-Quality Photographer for Your Event

Good photography can take your event marketing and coverage to the next level. Striking images help captivate your audience and tell the story of your organization and your event.

If you’re looking to capture your event with high-quality photography, get in touch with Wharton’s Marketing and Communications team to talk about the in-house and external photography resources we have available.

Whether you plan on requesting in-house photography or an outside freelancer, we suggest making your request at least two weeks in advance of your event.

In-House Resources

In-house photographer Lara Williamson and her team of photography interns capture event and portrait photography for noteworthy events on Wharton’s campus.

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You must submit a Photography Request Form at least two weeks in advance of your event. Each request is prioritized based on staff availability and the potential to capture striking images to support Wharton’s broader communications and marketing efforts.

Due to the large volume of events, we aren’t able to accommodate all of the photography requests we receive — but we’re happy to share our recommendations of freelance photographers you can hire if we’re unavailable.

Freelance Photographers

We have worked with a wide range of local vendors to capture high-quality images and video on campus. If we are unavailable, we will provide you with a list of Wharton-approved professional photographers we recommend to help you narrow your search in finding the right freelance photographer for your event. You can request this list by filling out the Photography Request Form.

Please note:  Photographer services are only available for the Wharton community.